First Look: BirdDog Flex NDI Converters

BirdDog has just introduced their new family of products, the BirdDog Flex 4K NDI Converters. The smallest NDI on the planet! The family of Flex delivers tally, audio, video, PTZ control, audio intercom, and power via a single Ethernet cable. The Flex comes in 3 models. The Flex 4K BACKPACK, the Flex 4K IN, and the Flex 4K OUT. 

 Check out this video from Streaming Media Producer's Anthony Burokas on his BirdDog Flex review 



"I'm an independent reviewer, and I'm not working for BirdDog, but I love these little devices. They're fantastically small. They’re well-priced. It’s nice to be able to mount the Backpack on the back of the monitor. But if I'm going with a simpler setup, and I’m using a smaller camcorder, and I'm using just the little viewfinder, I would love to be able to mount the Flex right on the back of the camera.That way, the camera operator would have this big tally right in their face, which would be really good. But the challenge is that on most camcorders these days, the battery compartment is so deep, and the battery actually taller than the Flex is wide."

Anthony Burokas


"This has been a first look at the BirdDog Flex 4K series of converters. I’m very excited about these new devices. I think they’re going to go like hotcakes, and I'm very impressed with the quality and the build of these units."

 Anthony Burokas



Check out the full review HERE
Learn more about BirdDog HERE


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