First Look: Editing 3D Video

Videomaker by Mark Montgomery

The world of two-dimensional TV took a major shift last year when new technology gave us the choice to add that third dimension to video. Still in its infancy, 3DTV exposes a new assortment of thrills... and challenges.

We are looking at the world very differently now that we have entered the era of 3D storytelling in the cinema and on home TVs. Solutions for 3D editing are just hitting the prosumer markets. In fact, many manufacturers of editing programs have announced 3D stereoscopic support in their software. It's time to look at what's in store for us as editors of 3D video.

Welcome to 3D Video

Many of us by now have probably had the pleasure of viewing a 3D movie at the theater. It seems that Hollywood is throwing a lot of support behind this technology, most likely as another way to bring more excitement into the theaters, and hopefully more warm bodies. The 3D cinema may be a great driver for ticket sales, but what does it mean for us, the independent video producer?

The truth is, we have a long way to go before many of our clients start requesting 3D productions. Since the big HD broadcast transition encouraged many consumers to buy new HDTVs, and the recession has pretty much kept most families from making another big purchase on television technology, the 3D television adoption rate is slow at best. We're not expecting much demand from the consumer market for 3D content. read more...

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