First Look: Sonic Solutions DVDit v.5

By John Virata DVDit! 5 slideshow Sonic Solutions' DVDit v.5 is the company's mid-range desktop DVD authoring solution. Sonic has positioned the application above its own myDVD entry level DVD creation software and has given it a $299 list price. This places the application right square in the mid range of the DVD authoring market, of which there is currently only one product, DVDit. Sonic has updated version 5 with a brand new interface and several new features and enhancements. DVDit v.5 is built around four window tabs of which you access to create your project. These windows are the Projects Tab the Edit Tab, Author Tab, and the Finish Tab. DVDit uses a tab style metaphor to gain access to each of these windows, which are located at the top of the the application's interface. In the scope of this review, we'll take a look at some of the new features as well as the authoring paradigm that DVDit uses to get you on your way to DVD creation. The first step in authoring a DVD with DVDit is to create a project. You create a project via the projects tab. Clicking on the tab opens a window that is split into two parts; Open a Project and Create Projects. Create Projects enables you to create a new project or create a new from Existing Project. Clicking on the new project tab opens another window that enables you to name the project, choose the TV standard (NTSC/PAL), and choose the location where you want the project to reside on the computer's hard drive. The New From Existing Project opens Windows Explorer, which enables you to locate existing DVDit projects or open MyDVDit projects. Read the full article at

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