First Online Course In Spanish for TriCaster TC1 Operators

Advanced Video System is a company based in Peru with professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the broadcast industry. AVSYS are authorized representatives of NewTek in Peru, and are now promoting an online course in Spanish for TriCaster TC1 operators! First Online Course in Spanish for TriCaster TC1 Operators. Primer Curso en Linea de Operadores de TriCaster TC1. There are many Hispanic video production companies that want to learn how to operate a TriCaster but do not have the training in Spanish. AVS's platform created this course of 17 sessions with everything TriCaster TC1 operators need to know about the management of the equipment. In this link you can find information about the course content: On this page we can appreciate the following:
  1. Presentation of the portal
  2. Course information
  3. Brief information of the platform
  4. A sample video with 3 themes
  5. At the end, continue with the indication ... request it here that leads to the Register - TriCaster Operators Course TC-1
For more information, check out the course brochure in English and Spanish.

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