Five Powerful 4K Video Editing Laptops

This article from is a great reference for video editors and 4K content creators who need powerful mobile workstations. We here at Videoguys are big fans of HP zBooks for video editing on the go. We've put together a Videoguys Tech Select Workstations / Mobile Workstations resource for you that goes into detail about what to look for when selecting a high-performing workstation that can handle 4K video editing. Give us a call if you have any questions! 800-323-2325
Powerful 4K Editing Laptops...picking the right unit should be based not only on personal preferences but also on a more comprehensive research even though this process could take some time and effort before one can make a viable and informed decision. Having all that said, here are five of the most powerful 4K video editing laptops that caught our attention lately...[continue reading]

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