Flip your classroom with Epiphan Pearl!

In Epiphan's recent blog post, Marta Chernova lets readers know what a flipped classroom is and how the Epiphan Pearl Mini can help enhance your classroom. 

"The flipped classroom is an instructional strategy that moves activities, including those that may have traditionally been considered homework, into the classroom. Here, students complete the instructional portion at home on their own time and work on problem-solving during class time."
Marta Chernova

Having a flipped classroom can help students learning and development in multiple ways. One way is it can accommodate different learning styles and speeds. Each student can learn at their own pace that they are comfortable with. Recorded lectures that students can access on demand allows them to pause, replay and speed down. 

Another way is it can help build higher-level skills. Chernova says, "Studies suggest that not only does the flipped classroom model aid student understanding of course material better, but also helps develop valuable life skills like leadership, problem solving, and critical thinking."

Epiphan has a great case study from Stonehill College who took the flipped learning classroom approach. Biology students at Stonehill College access their lectures through the schools LMS on their own time to prepare for class. During class the students are able to focus on discussions based on their notes. 

"We put the passive part of learning on the outside. In my case, that means that [my students] are watching a lecture prior to coming to class, and then they're doing the hard work of learning, the part where they really have to think through things, the part where they have to be talking to their peers, and asking questions in the classroom."
Bronwyn Bleakley, Assistant Professor of Biology, Stonehill College

The Epiphan Pearl Mini  is a reliable hardware solution that is perfect for lecture captures, flipped classroom content, remote learning and more video applications in education. 

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