FOCUS Enhancements FireStore FS-4 - Editor's Choice

Event DV By Stephen F. Nathans - Posted Apr 1, 2005 FS-4The FS-4 sets a new standard for digital disk recorders, combining the FireStore line's peerless feature set with a competitive price point and a compact form factor that makes it a good match for top prosumer handheld camcorders from Canon, Sony, and Panasonic. The unit captured DV streams flawlessly in testing and transitioned effortlessly into hard disk mode for instant DV ingestion into popular NLEs like Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. With an HDV upgrade for current users just over the horizon, the FS-4 looks well-nigh irresistible. As significant as the shift from film to video and analog to digital in audio-visual content production has been the dramatic reduction in the size of the cameras and other equipment required to do professional work. While many filmmakers and broadcast operations are still employing some fairly big rigs, most videographers I know shoot with cameras that fall into the "handheld" category. read more...

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