Focus Enhancements FS-5 DTE Recorder

FS-5Studio Monthly by Bruce A. Johnson

In the time I’ve been writing for video magazines, I’ve had the opportunity to test just about every hard drive recording device ever released. Some were OK, some were terrible, but few have shown as much promise as the drives built by Focus Enhancements. I still own and use an FS-3 for specialized recording jobs, like long records, for time – lapse and when I have a really fast turnaround edit. What could possibly be missing?

Beating the Log Slog

I have found one immutable truth in television: Logging tape is the worst job in the business. And after-the-fact logging could be largely prevented if only there were a person assigned to the job in the field. Of course, no shooter wants a PA looking behind his head all day to read timecode numbers. So, in addition to being a fully functional DV and HDV recorder, the FS-5 has another, almost incredible, trick up its sleeve. With the addition of a commonly available USB WiFi transceiver, the FS-5 will transmit timecode data to an Apple iPod Touch, and allow an on-scene logger to mark in and out points and add rudimentary notes on the fly. All the logging info is then sent back to the FS-5, where it is dynamically combined with the clips themselves for access in the editing process. What could be cooler than that? Well, relax; the FS-5 isn’t perfect. read more...

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