Focus Enhancements' FS-5 FAQs

fs5The folks over at Focus Enhancements have put together a FAQ page that answers many of the more technical questions about the new FS-5. What I like best though is the links to the products demo videos they've put together and posted on YouTube.

Do you have any Video Demo/Tutorials available for the FS-5? Yes, you may view the following at your convenience:

- Quick FS-5 Walkthrough

- New Features of the FS-5

- Metadata Template Setup

- Shooting and Logging Metadata

- Importing Content into the Editing System

What is the difference between the FS-5 and the FS-4 series of DTE recorders? Comparing the FS-4 Pro HD and the FS-5, the FS-5 has the following additional features:
NOTE: Keep in mind that the FS-4 HD and FS-4 Pro HD have different features.

> Network Enabled (support for Web Interface to add metadata tag and FTP support)
o Optional WiFi (USB to 802.11) dongle
o Optional Wired (USB to 802.3) dongle

> Live Logging of Custom Metadata durring recording - using the optional network adapter
o FS-5 has a built-in webserver and database
o By accessing FS-5’s webserver using a standard web browser, create pre-defined MetaData templates (FCP and ProxSys support only) based on the content you are shooting.
o Log clip and timecode based metadata while you shoot based on the predefined templates.

> MXF HDV 1080i50/60 & 720p/30 (AVID)

> UDF (file system format – no more 2GB file size limit) Single clips be up to 1.5 hours long

> Smaller and lighter in size

> Quiet, Fan-less operation

> Improved color LCD Menu driven with scroll wheel

Click here to read the rest of the FAQ - You will need to then click on the FS5 link on the page

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