Focus Enhancements Releases New Line of High Definition FS-4 Portable DTE Recorders Featuring Extended Recording and HD Support as Standard

fs-4 Pro HDCAMPBELL, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 10/30/06 -- Focus Enhancements, Inc. (NASDAQ: FCSE), a worldwide leader in video production and conversion technology, today announced its new line-up of award winning FS-4 Portable Direct To Edit ® (DTE) Recorders. The new FS-4Pro HD models feature higher capacities, with 60GB, 80GB, and 100GB versions providing between 4.5 and 7.5 hours of DV/HDV recording. The FS-4HD ships with a 40GB disk drive allowing 3 hours of DV/HDV recording. In addition, all FS-4 models include HD recording capabilities and have a sleek, all-black enclosure. "We are seeing much higher demand for HD record capabilities from our customers as well as a requirement for longer record times," said Matt McEwen, senior product manager for Focus Enhancements. "Our new FS-4 line-up allows videographers to record in either DV or HDV, as well as provides more options in terms of record capacity. Focus Enhancements delivers the most comprehensive solution for recording SD or HD formats for Direct To Edit connectivity, which streamlines workflow, increases productivity, and saves production time and money." In HD mode, the FS-4Pro HD models are capable of recording in either the M2T file format as well as the unique QuickTime HDV format for Direct To Edit use with Apple Final Cut Pro. In addition to eight available DV25 DTE file formats including AVI Type 2, QuickTime, Matrox AVI and Canopus AVI, the FS-4 HD and FS-4Pro HD are also capable of recording in the HDV M2T file format. Additional DV25 file formats are also available on the Pro models including Avid OMF, MXF and Pinnacle AVI. Featuring a comprehensive backlit display, easy-to-use menu system, hard drive, and removable, rechargeable battery, the Focus FS-4 HD line is the perfect DTE companion for any DV or HDV handheld shoots. The new FS-4 HD and FS-4Pro HD Portable DTE Recorders weigh in at only one pound with a profile of 1.5 inches thin and add the company's industry-standard DTE functionality to DV and HDV handheld camcorders. Whether mounted directly to the camcorder or clipped to a belt, the new FS-4 is designed to excel in the field. Click here for more info and to order

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