Focus FS-5 60GB D.T.E. Under $1000 Focus FS-5 Special!!!
On Sale $999.00 - SAVE $500
Focus FS-5 60GB Under $1000 While Supplies Last

The Focus FS-5 is the new, lighter, and more portable disk recorder with a color screen featuring the next generation of Direct to Edit technology. DTE lets you bring your captured files directly from the FS-5 into your computer and begin editing. No messy file conversions or re-compressing is required. With FS-5, Focus takes DTE beyond simple file transfers into workflow productivity improvements using metadata that will allow you to edit faster and better.
Here are just a few of the workflow improvements the FS-5 provides:

  • Capture your entire video as one continuous clip with UDF file support which eliminates any possibility of audio sync or re-linking errors caused by other file systems.
  • Provides Native Quicktime HDV support for Final Cut Pro users and HDV MXF support for Avid users.
  • Add metadata information to your clips while you are shooting templates which have been pre-designed for the kind of footage you shoot.
  • Fast and flexible metadata generation and custom logging capabilities allow you to organize your clips inthe field - editing becomes much faster and more efficient.
  • Use a wireless device like an iPod Touch or Laptop to export your native metadata files (XML or embedded) to the FS-5 while you are shooting.

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