Forbes: How Avid Plans To Fix the Music Industry

Louis-Avid-Connect-revealVideoguys is not just an Avid dealer, I'm a member of the Avid Reseller Partner Advisory Council. This has given me an inside look at their Avid Everywhere strategy and their plans to become the back end standard for collaborative media creation. It's a very ambitious goal, one that I am happy to be a part of. If they are successful, they will revolutionize how content is made and delivered. These improved workflows will yield cost savings and efficiencies that will enable even more people to tell their story via music, video and movies.
Forbes by Nick Messitte You might not have heard of Avid Technology—the company behind Pro Tools (music editing/mixing software), Media Composer (digital video editing software) and Sibelius (music notation software)—but I can assure you that everyone who works on the production side of the industry has: behind the scenes, Avid is a household name, with strong footholds in film, television, and music production. Now Avid Technology is making a play for independent content creators by releasing free versions of their flagship products, offering metadata encrypting for all (think of it as audio finger printing) and establishing a digital marketplace for content creators to license their wares directly to larger entities. This platform is called Avid Everywhere, and it purports to address an innate problem within today’s industry. read more...

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