Four 975X Motherboards For Core 2 Duo

Tom's Hardware by Patrick Schmid, Bert Toepelt core 2 duoFour For Core 2 Only few months ago, the processor landscape was very different than it is today: users favored AMD's Athlon 64 processor line because of its great performance and low heat generation. But the release of Intel's new processor changed everything: Core 2 duo is clearly the better processor, being both faster and more efficient. However, Intel's renewed dominance does not turn the whole PC landscape upside down; there are still many scenarios in which an AMD system may be the better choice, even if it won't beat the best processor that is available. After all, if you want Core 2 Duo, you will have to pay a little premium, while AMD has cut prices on Athlon 64 processors to stay competitive. As a result, many Athlon 64 X2 systems still are more affordable than comparable Core 2 Duo machines. So, should you go for a Core 2 Duo system today? The answer can only be "not necessarily". If you have a limited budget, it makes little sense to buy into Core 2 at all costs. If you want a machine that is future-proof, both AMD's socket AM2 platform and Intel's socket 775 will still be around for some time. AMD will introduce 65 nm processors soon and Intel is getting ready to deploy its first quad-core silicon, all of which will fit into existing platforms. However, If you don't mind spending extra money on the processor and a bit more on the motherboard as well, the Core 2 machine will be the better performer overall. read more...

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