Free Avid Liquid Tutorials

Studio Daily has posted a couple of very good Flash based tutorials for Avid Liquid by Paul Mitton. Paul is a well known Liquid guru and his Mind Meld series of Liquid training DVDs are really great. If you're interested in Liquid or a new user, you're going to find these high quality flash training segments very valuable. VIDEO TUTORIAL: Capture and Import Video to Avid Liquid Producer/editor Paul Mitton of Creation Trek Productions demonstrates how to capture video from a camcorder directly into Avid Liquid. VIDEO TUTORIAL: Color Correcting in Avid Liquid AL7 color correct Paul Mitton demonstrates coor correction techniques in Avid Liquid. VIDEO TUTORIAL: Managing Formats in Avid Liquid Want to intermix different formats in Avid Liquid? Producer/editor Paul Mitton of Creation Trek Productions shows a variety of timeline conventions in Liquid to handle different formats.

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