Free Built-In Auto Tracking Firmware Panasonic PTZ Cameras

In this video Kriss from Holdan AV looks at the latest firmware update for the Panasonic AW-UE40 and AW-UE50 PTZ cameras, which after much demand brings built-in subject auto tracking - a fantastic feature brought to already very capable 4K cameras for free.

This update is out now for the UE40 and UE50, with the UE80 to come later this year.

Tracking is quite simple to use; simply switch it on, and the camera will detect whoever is in the picture and begin tracking them.

If the camera loses the subject, you may configure it to default to a preset or a generic wide image, and when someone is identified again, it will immediately begin tracking. There is the option to specify a limit for the pan and tilt ranges, so that if the camera is following someone and they walk past the pan limit, the camera will not go any further, and if the subject is lost, the camera will revert to the safety position. Another interesting tool for expanding on this is masks, which we can utilize via the web UI to specify locations where we don't want the camera to identify humans. Tracking can also be set to remain active if power cycled, again another nifty feature.

The tracking system's performance is excellent; it appears responsive, and when combined with Panasonic's direct drive technology, the camera's motions appear smooth and almost organic. You won't get all the bells and whistles of a tracking system that relies on a host machine, such as Panasonic's SF100/200 or MRMC's Polymotion Chat, nor will you be able to control multiple cameras from a single interface or use facial recognition - but that user isn't who this update is aimed at. If you only want easy and consistent camera tracking, this is a great option - it's basically a set and forget situation.

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