Free Edius 8 training videos from Grass Valley

Grass valley has posted a series of trouble shooting training videos for Edius 8. The are short but sweet. We are sharing the first 3 here, check with the main Edius 8 Podcast page on YouTube to see when they post any more.

EDIUS 8 Podcast

Powerful and Creative Real-Time Editing
Grass Valley's EDIUS multiformat nonlinear editing software is the basis for all our editing products, from EDIUS Pro 8, to the broadcast-powerful EDIUS Workgroup 8. All manage multiple formats including 4K, and integrates with third-party plug-ins and hardware, as well as our own hardware and software solutions including GV STRATUS and K2 Dyno, to further streamline your time to air. And with EDIUS 8, there are no subscription fees — you buy it, you keep it — with a permanent license with free updates throughout the life of EDIUS 8.x.
Alex Kataoka, EDIUS Product Manager at Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, explains the improvements to EDIUS version 8.1.

Quickly learn techniques to keep you editing fast with EDIUS 8. Learn how to create new project presets in EDIUS 8.
Can't burn to disc? Your project is probably not compatible with the disc standard. Learn how to solve this problem.
Learn how to handle clips that show as being offline on the EDIUS 8 timeline.

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