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postproduction_fusion7Jose Antunes over at ProVideo Coalition (PVC) posted a couple of articles with links to many FREE software titles available for video editors. I'm combining them both into a single blog post. I suggest you follow both links, read up, then download what you want.
PVC by Jose Antunes

The BEST and FREE Video Editing Software

When it comes to editing and post-processing, some products are a reference in the market, but with so many new programs available, some FREE, the future may be different. We handpicked a few choices.
Many professionals in the video editing industry have grown with a list of programs as their reference for quite some time, but a new generation of users is not bound to the same names. They explore the market for alternative solutions, including free versions, a trend that seems to be expanding.
Some of these, let’s call them Freemium products, will be used to capture the attention of the market and build a community of users, while pointing to expansions or programs that offer more options. The truth, though, is that, for many users, the base program will be more than enough. Still, the simple fact of being able to play with adequate tools for video creation may help to define careers and move more people towards the higher end products. read more...

More free tools for video editors

Blender, Shotcut or Piviti are not names all video editors know, but they are part of a list of NLEs and other tools, for different platforms, that can be had for free. Check them here, now!
The guide for "The BEST and FREE video editing software" we published recently never aimed to be a complete list, as the number of video editors and other tools used by the industry is growing all the time. We look, now, at some more options available in the world of free and FOSS or Free Open Source Software. Some are not straight in your face programs, and need some tweaking and getting used to, but here is a new list, in case you want to try something different. Beware, though, if you want to proceed! While a normal commercial program – and some free software too - is something you open and use, some of these programs may need user’s input and adjustments to work properly. So, some of these tools are not for the faint of heart. Still, they can and do offer some people not just the excitement of exploring new paths, but valuable tools, a fact suggested by the popularity some have achieved. read more...

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