Fresh DV NAB2007 Podcasts

freshdvFreshDV was on the scene in Las Vegas at the National Association of Broadcasters Conference 2007. On this page you’ll find our daily video coverage of the NAB Expo showroom floor, in-depth interviews with key industry leaders, and hands-on demonstrations of the latest and greatest gear.

NAB Video Podcast - Adobe After Effects New Features and Overview

We snagged one of the Adobe trainers on the Expo floor and got a great rundown of all the latest features and additions to After Effects CS3. Some pretty amazing stuff, like simple frame-accurate video editing in Photoshop, and embedding that video within a PSD (which then shares seamlessly between AE and Photoshop). Some other additions of note†¦the Brainstorm “randomizer† jump starts project, a really cool morphing tool, using Vanishing Point to generate 3D comps in AE, and much more. Really innovative stuff that looks VERY useful in real-world applications. Click the Download link above or watch via our FreshDV iTunes Podcast Feed.

NAB Video Podcast - Avid Update

We sat down with representatives and a editor from Avid to get an update on what direction the company is moving and find out about the new version of Media Composer. Also, Avid fans interested in the new Script Sync feature should also check our video demo of that software†¦anyone who has ever painstakingly pored over a script and shot list will be amazed by ScriptSync. Click the Download links above or watch via our FreshDV iTunes Podcast Feed.

NAB Video Podcast - Apple Motion 3 Demonstration

This is the Motion 3 demonstration that Apple presented at various intervals throughout the day. It’s a 30 minute rundown of the major feature updates in the new version of Motion. Some really cool stuff†¦pervasive 3D, automatic audio keyframing, SmoothCam, Motion Tracking, and much more.Click the Download link above or watch via our FreshDV iTunes Podcast Feed.

NAB Video Podcast - Apple Color Exclusive Demo

After a good bit of bargaining, Apple finally granted FreshDV an exclusive demonstration of their hot new Final Cut Studio app, Color. An trainer took us aside and walked us through some of the major workflow features and capabilities of this new addition to Final Cut Studio. Time was very limited, but we managed to get a good overview of the application and demo of it’s amazing power†¦curves, 8 levels of secondary color, motion-trackable power windows and bezier masking for precise corrections, node-based effects and adjustment controls, noise removal and grain control, a built-in library of customizable look presets, and much more. This is a very cool announcement for FCP users, check out the video for a taste of what the FCP Studio upgrade contains for end users. Click the Download link above or get it via our FreshDV iTunes Podcast Feed.

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