FreshDV Podcast Interview With Gary Bettan of Videoguys

Fresh DV by Matthew Jeppsen Fresh DV We had the opportunity to interview Gary Bettan of Videoguys recently. We discuss the background history of The Electronic Mailbox/Videoguys, and how they stayed on the cutting edge of digital video and editing since the 1980’s through today. Gary talks about how they led the forefront of video editing back in the day, from simple video faders, to deck-to-deck editing equipment, character generators, and finally to computer-based editing in the late 1990’s (long live the Intel Pentium Floating-Point Error). We then talk about the ways in which Videoguys is helping lead the video editing community in today’s rapidly-evolving industry. One way in which they are helping the PC community is the Do It Yourself computer-building tips they offer; Videoguys will build and test a DIY editing workstation, then publish specs and tips for those who wish to build their own system. Gary also dishes on his experience with the Canon HV20 camcorder and Blackmagic Intensity Pro I/O cards, the advances in Adobe CS3 Production Suite Premium (yay for Blu-ray and Flash authoring options!), new developments in HD formats, new solid-state storage cameras and the V1U/Firestore issue, and storage and card solutions for ncompressed HD and HDCAM editing solutions. A very informative interview, and we thank Gary for his time. I wanted to take a moment highlight their DIY cookbooks, like this DIY 5 Update. This particular article discusses building a Dual-Core PC editing solution, with detailed specs and options for five different systems ranging in price from $1000 all the way up to $2500. They break it down to specific components and part numbers, the price noted for each part, and notes on overall performance. This is an excellent resource to the build-it-yourself community. You can reach Videoguys at, or on the phone at 800-323-2325. You can listen to this podcast by subscribing to the FreshDV iTunes Podcast Feed or our non-iTunes Podcast Feed.

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