Freshly Squeezed Reviews: Go Ahead and Squeeze Me


HMAUS Signal by Frank Petrie

For all of you videographers, I think you will agree that the most tedious part of the whole process is encoding your project. Sorenson has long been the high watermark, but this time they have outdone themselves with Squeeze 6.

“Free yourself from mundane tasks and your desk. We feel your pain, we’re here to help. With Squeeze 6, your workflow just got easy: Set it and forget it! Leave your desk and get back to what matters most — your videos, your business, your life.”

Let’s take a look around.


The first thing that you will notice is a streamlining of the interface. Everything is pretty much as it was but in a more compact package.

New features in Squeeze 6 include foremost, its speed gain. Sorenson claims that version 6 is five times faster than version 5. Squeeze is now integrated with such apps as AVID, Final Cut Pro, iMovie and QuickTime Pro. They have added a whole bunch of pre-processing filters and presets to choose from. read more...

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