From HDV to DVD By Stephen F. Nathans - Posted Nov 2, 2004 Event DVOne of the great things about HDV is that it brings hi-def video to videographers who thought they’d be trapped in the world of standard-def video for years to come. In October 2002, I made my one and only trip to Japan, courtesy of Panasonic, to check out the latest and greatest in consumer electronics technology at CEATEC 2002. Of course, what I was really seeing was technology that was a year or so ahead of the curve for the Japanese, which meant North Americans might not get their hands on it for several years, if it ever made it to these shores at all. The overarching theme of the show was the "ubiquitous network." As far as I could tell, that nebulous term bespoke a notion of convergence going far beyond the union of the office and the television, centered around the PC; this convergence meant the integration of every electric device throughout the household, with the cell phone/PDA/portable video player at the center of it all. This of course meant some robots too, which have always been more popular over there than over here (except in movies)—all of which made me wonder how much of this stuff would ever play in Peoria. read more...

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