MC ExportBy Douglas, Kumamoto

I've been shooting and editing HDV for just over 2 years now. The cameras I use are the Sony HVR-Z1J and the Sony FX1 Editing has been done in Avid/Pinnacle Liquid. I have been producing short videos destined for DVD output as well as encoding my HDV work for display on the web. In November 2007 I began to get into Blu-Ray production. On February 14th 2008 I installed Avid Media Composer and began the migration from Liquid. My first 2 goals were to learn the basics in MC as quickly as possible and to develop a workflow that would allow me to output authored Blu-Ray discs.

The following Tutorial is the result of my search for an MC to Blu-Ray workflow.

It is important that you remember I am new to MC and that this workflow is the one that I am happy with. It is more than likely that you will disagree with some of the steps or even some of the tools I use. However I hope that my documentation of the workflow will help you find your own - better - workflow.

I have previously worked with DVDLabPro for authoring DVDs, and found it to be an excellent programme. However I moved to DVDitPro about 1 year ago as I had a feeling that Blu-Ray was going to be the future (for a while) and DVDLabPro did not do Blu-Ray authoring. The PS3 was the best way to get into the playback of Blu-Ray. I am not a snob and have no problem in using a "Games Console" to watch my work with. After all I am not looking at the player.. I am looking at the result on the screen. read more...

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