G-Connect – Wireless Storage for your iOS

by Vincent Laforet

iOS devices – specifically the iPad (which just reported that it soared to 68% of the tablet market share in Q1 2012) – are becoming increasingly prevalent. Many of the users are buying them for one task: media consumption. Movies, music, documents, magazines, games – you name it. And increasingly, people are using their smart phones for the same application. However, there is an inherent conflict at work here: tablets (and smartphones) are great for consuming media on-the-go, with their small form factors, but small form factors give way to little hard drive space, and media these days requires an increasing amount of just that – space. Granted, wireless capabilities on these devices gives you the ability to stream media, but that is not always available. I love that I can now download any previous iTunes movie purchase on my phones/tablets/AppleTVs for example, but that only works when I have a relatively fast internet connection – usually only at home. The other catch, os tat fees for large amounts of streaming data can (increasingly) be prohibitive depending on the type of service provider you have, especially if you’re trying to pull it off of a 4G/3G connection (or if you’re an AT&T customer, a 3G connection that they are "calling" a 4G connection…but don’t get me started!) so you probably want to have media files stored on your device. But between those files and all the various apps – even 64GB can go quickly.

Enter the G-CONNECT. A new 500 GB storage drive from G-Technology that has built in WiFi so that you can wirelessly access your movies, music, photos and documents via your iOS device. This gives the user an additional 500GB of storage space for media that would otherwise be competing for space with iOS applications – and you don’t need an internet connection to access it (this is due to the fact that the drive has its own internal WiFi. All you have to do is plug it in and it puts out its own signal to which you can wirelessly connect to gain access. Access to the device is gained through the use of your web browser, or the G-Connect App – both of which allow you to browse through the files on the drive and stream them to your device (Of course to get media on the drive in the first place – the drive includes a traditional USB2.0 connection).

Up to four (Supports five devices or more, depending on the workload) others can access the files as well by logging on to the G-CONNECT through Wi-Fi connection – which supports the streaming of up to 5 SD movies, or 3 HD movies. A wireless drive like this would have been incredibly useful on production meetings during my last film, "Mobius" as we were staying out in the desert with basically no internet, but still needed to share references, storyboards, script updates, etc… this would have provided a fast and efficient solution for sharing these things digitally than everyone downloading them off a flash drive one by one. read more...

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