G-Drive ev RaW: G-Tech's new rugged USB3 drive

488ff8b5b009d002d059b5e5265e9f96_XLBlue is the new Orange! The G-Tech G-Drive ev RAW is setting the new standard for high peformance, rugged, portable USB3 hard drives. As an added bonus it can be used with the G-Tech G-Dock for an even cooler workflow.
RedShark News The G-DRIVE ev RaW is a capable, fast portable USB 3 drive with the added bonus of being extremely rugged. You can drop it from a hight of 1.2m and it will survive intact, and that's without its protective bright blue bumper. With the bumper in place, it's good for 1.5m drops. That's easily more than the hight of even the biggest desk. read more...

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