G-Drive Mobile SSD: Rugged, Sexy, High-performance Storage Device

Here's a hands-on, pro-perspective review of G-Technology's newest portable SSD drive. Rated R for Rugged the G-DRIVE mobile SSD R-Series, is designed for tough conditions, versatility with a USBc port, lots of storage coming in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities. G-Drive Mobile SSD reviewFrom Imaging-Resource.com

...I think what's most attractive about this drive is that it is SSD. Being a drive with no moving parts, G-Tech was able to make it much smaller than you would expect of drives with this much capacity and you don't have to worry about shock or vibration damaging it while it is in use.

G-Tech rates the G-Drive Mobile SSD at 560MB/s transfer speeds, which is extremely fast and generally more than you need for just about any conventional uses. In our testing, we found it to never quite reach the speeds promised, but it does do well....

...The G-Drive Mobile SSD is an awesome deal at 500GB for $180 (same as the Slim was). Sure, the higher capacities may leave you a bit shell shocked at the price, but the base model is one of the best deals in storage I've ever seen.... read more

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