G-RAID mini 320GB/5400

Ken Stone's FCP by David A. Saraceno G-Raid Mini Introduction. Every so often, a product comes across my desk that sets the standard for its class. I had read extensively about G-Technology HDDs over the last few years, and when I got the opportunity to review its bus powered multi-interface G-RAID mini 320GB/5400, I jumped at it. The unit is priced at $449.95 and is available in higher capacities and faster configurations. That price may appear high to some, but the adage "you get what you pay for" applies here. Ten years ago, we tendered $4200.00 to MicroNet to purchase a 8 GB fast/wide SCSI array that was 20x times slower, 10x times more expensive, and had 40 times less capacity than this device. It required a SCSI card, heavy, inflexible cables, a power supply, and weighed about fifteen pounds. How far we have come. What's In The Box. My test unit arrived in a well-packed box with the two-drive G-RAID mini HDD striped array, a small external power supply, three white FW800, FW400, and USB cables, leather carry case, and a CD with PC drivers and PDF manuals for all the G-Technology products. The 320 GB unit formats to 298 GBs. The two 160 GB drives appear as a single HDD in Apple's Disk Utility, or can be partitioned into separate volumes. To maximize data speed, keep the two drives as a single partition. The PDF manual explains formatting for Mac and PC and for cross platform use. A fully illustrated, understandable manual details the basic information for using the G-RAID mini. The drives are not user replaceable. read more...

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