DV Mag by G-SpeedHaving used 2 Gb Fibre Channel RAID arrays for some time, I've come to appreciate their simplicity and speed, not to mention the possibilities they open up to work in a shared storage area network (SAN) environment. What could be better than that? Well, we always want more speed, don't we? Enter 4 Gb Fibre Channel arrays, which are now starting to emerge in volume from a number of drive vendors and with higher speeds (and prices) than 2 Gb systems. The new G-Tech G-Speed Fibre Channel RAID brings us that speed but still keeps the prices closer to 2 Gb levels, while at the same time offering features that other drives don't. G-Tech also makes an Ultra320 SCSI version, but I took a 1.5 TB Fibre Channel G-Speed for a spin to see how it handles in the real world. Got gigabit? G-Tech has become renowned for the performance and stylish design of its popular G-RAID FireWire 800 drive arrays. Following the company's focus on FireWire devices, G-Tech's release of a 4 Gb Fibre Channel array may seem like a big technological leap. But consider that G-Tech was launched by one of the original founders of MedÃ… ½a (now Avid), which does make high-performance Fibre Channel arrays. Given that pedigree, it makes more sense. read more...

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