G-Technology External Storage Solutions Used by DSLR Photographer

gtech studio workflow dlsr photographerPremiere external storage solutions specifically designed for creative pros.

Photographer Andy Handcock relys on G-Technology branded hard drives, readers/caddies, and accessories to work seamlessly within his end-to-end workflow. G-Technology's products have amazing performance, throughput, and reliability - plus class-leading durability - set them apart from the competition.

Andy Hancock Photo Workflow

In this workflow diagram, we see Andy takes the media cards from his DSLR camera and copies the data to his MacBook Pro using the G-Technology G-DOCK ev with G-DRIVE ev RAW SSD modules. The workflow in the office is similar with the addition of the G-SPEED Studio XL, an 8-bay RAID system for his Master Library. The compatibility of the Evolution series drives across this workflow give Andy the flexibility and reliability every professional needs. handcock workflow

G-Technology Used

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