G-Tech G-DRIVE ev RaW SSD Workflow

Having a dedicated workflow for any aspect of media production is key. A lot of media production can come down to a science, or a "rinse and repeat" mentality. This type of thought process is practical for storage solutions and should be applied as such. Digital Photo Magazine's DL Byron posted this article about what he's most asked about, "What are you using to manage photo and video files?" He expresses how implementing the G-Technology G-Drive ev RaW SSD can help manage any workflow from the field to the studio or production office. Easy-to-use and lightweight built with working in the field in mind, this rugged device is your versatile go-to for managing photos and video. Backup and save your media on the G-Drive and offload it onto another device either through a USB connection or for the more advanced workflows this SSD can be docked in a G-Technology G-SPEED G-Shuttle XL ev for easy upload and sharing. If G-Technology is at all part of your workflow then their G-Drive ev RaW SSD is a device that should become a part of that process if it hasn't been already.

The workflow is super-simple: Create a new library on the drive, import all media from the cards to it, and then when back in the studio, transfer it to the NAS for backup.

With a transfer rate up to 425 MB/s, Final Cut Pro renders as normal running off the drive (and so does Lightroom, and a Capture One Pro session), and it connects to a USB 3.0 port. I don’t use that feature, but larger studios dock the drive into a supported RAID to edit, share and back up. In their extensive product line, G-Technology also offers a more rugged and slimmer version, but I want the SSD speed, which is about 4X that of a hard drive....[continue reading]

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