G-Tech G-Drive Mobile Pro SSD is the New King of Speed

G-Technology has made a name for itself with users who want fast storage drives. The new G-Drive Mobile Pro SSD takes full advantage of all of the bandwidth provided by the Thunderbolt 3 doc.

While the G-Drive Mobile SSD remains a great option for quick, easily portable storage in the field- the G-Drive Pro is a major step up.

Transfer speeds from the G-Drive Mobile Pro SSD compared to the previous iteration, are more than three times faster. However, with the Thunderbolt 3, transfer speeds from the G-Drive Mobile pro tested well above 2,000 MB/s.

The Pro-SSD has a significantly higher performance than the original, but also generates more heat. This drive includes a larger aluminum core to dissipate the heat, while sustaining the Pro SSD's performance ability.

The drive is also still compact, and easily portable, fitting into bag pockets and pouches for optimal use in the field.

If you need this kind of horsepower, it's going to cost you and honestly the $629 isn't that much for a working professional. This device will make video editors' lives a lot better, and that right there is going to be worth it to them. And to me, yes. This is worth it. It's an absolute hot rod of a storage device, and that kind of performance is something my business demands.

Jaron Schneider, imaging-resource.com

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