G-Tech G DRIVE mobile PRO SSD Review

Below is a review from thessdreview.com on the G-Technology G-Drive mobile Pro SSD. The G-DRIVE mobile Pro SSD with Thunderbolt™ 3 technology and a durable, shock-resistant design lets you edit multi-stream 8K footage at full frame rate and transfer as much as a terabyte of content in seven minutes or less wherever you are. To see what they though of the mobile Pro check out the article below.

From thessdreview.com

We have been reviewing TB3 external devices for some time now and it is great to be so far away from those 500MB/s and lower portable storage device speeds. TB3 has been a gift to media professionals, to say the least. Up until today, however, there has only been a single device that we have reviewed that has the portability of pocket sized mobile storage, and didn’t

need external power of some sort. This was the Tekq Rapide TB3 Portable SSD and, as absolutely sweet as that device is, it just never hit main stream. Still, with such a beautiful cut and performance up to the TB3 ceiling of 2.8GB/s, the Tekq Rapide goes with me everywhere. Can we change that?

Today, we are reviewing the newest G-Technology 1TB TB3 G Drive and I have to say right off that this is a very attractive mobile storage device. We also have word that it contains the Sandisk Extreme Pro M.2 SSD (SanDisk now being WD who is also the parent company of G-Technology), so we are expecting some really good things from the G Drive. You can check out our review of the SanDisk Extreme Pro M.2 SSD here... read more

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