G-Tech G-Drive Rugged SSD Mobile Hands On Review

This reviewer took his G-Drive mobile SSD on a video and photo shoot. Find out how it served him - we're big fans of this fast and rugged drive! From Digitalphotopro.com

The G|Drive mobile SSD is smaller than the Apple mouse I’m using while writing this review, smaller in every dimension. I can put the G|Drive mobile SSD in my pocket, and it feels less cumbersome than my wallet...

...The G|Drive mobile SSD 1TB model accompanied me on a recent video and photo shoot, and I used it for all primary storage and editing of footage for Final Cut Pro and catalog storage for Capture One Pro. Thanks to the performance, I was able to dump massive amounts of footage onto the G|Drive mobile SSD in a fraction of the time a solid state drive would take. In fact, a multi-gigabyte copy operation from the G|Drive mobile SSD to the internal SSD that took around two minutes took more than 20 minutes to achieve on another portable hard drive with 5400RPM speeds. Eighteen minutes is a lot of time to regain on a shoot for a single task.....[continue reading]

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