G-Tech G-RACK12 "Black": DIY Portable Shared Storage

Get an intimate look at the making of an enclosure and rugged transportation container for the G-RACK12 and switch in the article below. G-Technology's G-RACK12 NAS (network attached storage) is an ideal s centralized, shared storage solution for small to medium sized post-production studios. See how they worked to make the G-RACK12 transportable: g-rack black portable DiY From WD on LinkedIn

Our famous G-Technology G-RACK12 is the high-performance storage for creative workflows. Dual Intel XEON processors and 12 x Ultrastar Enterprise HDDs grants enough power for video cutting and editing on this media storage. The only question for me was: how to transport this nearly 30 kilogram / 66 lbs "beast" in a secure way and how to offer an easy way to test and evaluate the storage on-site without half a day of integration work? Together with our German partner 21unity and Yogi M. Schneider, we found a stylish and technically "state-of-the-art" solution: the G-RACK12 "Black."

The goal was to provide a solution which is (kind of) mobile, fully usable "out of the box" and of course secured for even a rough transportation. Yogi solved this Gordian Knot by building the G-RACK12 "Black", many thanks to Yogi! Securely stored in a Peli Hardigg Rack Mount Super-V 4 HU case, the G-RACK12 server now is combined with a 24-Port Ruckus ICX7450 switch and a Backmann multiple-power-socket with Surge protection and line filter...[continue reading]

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