G-Tech G-Speed Shuttle 4Bay - the ultimate external storage for Photo & video

Photographers are always seem to run out of storage , and there cannot be many of us who don’t need an external drive to support the computer’s internal storage.

The traditional choice is to choose an external hard drive, but even the greatest portable hard drives are not so fast for bulk image transfers and video editing, and while regular desktop hard drives are speedier, even these have their limits. Another option is to invest in SSD (solid state storage) , but while this is super-fast, it’s also super-pricey. There is a third option – a desktop RAID system like the G-Technology G-Speed Shuttle. So how does this compare to the other external storage options?

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. A RAID drive is a series of disk drives collaborating together to offer more capacity, faster speeds and data ‘redundancy’ to allow for disk failures. There are different types of RAID setup – the G-Speed Shuttle uses RAID 5, which means your data is safe if one of its four drives so happens to fail.

Not surprisingly, RAID systems come in pretty big boxes. These not only hold all the disk drives but the power supply and various other data control hardware. The G-Speed Shuttle also needed a driver download for use on our test computer, but that was pretty straightforward.

The G-Technology G-Speed Shuttle comes with drives already installed, so you just have to choose the capacity, which starts at 16TB and goes all the way up to 48TB. If you need more, there is larger G-Speed Shuttle XL model with eight drive bays, even faster transfer speeds and capacities from 24TB to 72TB. Click here for the full article.

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