G-Tech G-SPEED Shuttle T3: Fast and Flexible Storage

This is an in-depth review of the new G-SPEED Shuttle - the latest 4-bay RAID storage from G-Technology. This is fast, flexible, transportable, rugged Thunderbolt 3 RAID storage that is easily daisy chained to multiple devices and can be configured in RAID 0,1,5,6,and 10. Need help deciding what kind of RAID to buy? See our FAQ guide for video storage. Review from Videomaker.com

g-speed shuttle review videomaker....We tested the Shuttle in every RAID configuration formatted in both exFAT and HFS+ using both AJA System Test Lite and Blackmagic Design Disk Speed Test. Since these tests can sway up to 50MB/s, depending on the size of the data sent to them and what program is testing their speed, we tested each set-up three times with each program and then averaged the numbers.

From the factory, the Shuttle comes pre-configured in RAID 5 formatted in HFS+. We started the tests as it came to us. For the rest of our tests, we configured them as needed. Factory formatted saw a read speed of 553 MB/s and a write speed of 765 MB/s. RAID 5 in HFS+ gets the best performance with redundancy from the Shuttle. If you have a PC, formatting in exFAT does not significantly hinder the performance with a read speed of 551 MB/s and write speed of 761 MB/s. If you want fast, but want to make sure you have a safety net under your data, RAID 5 is your best choice....

...The G-Technology G-SPEED Shuttle is a smaller and cuter version of the Shuttle XL. The cost of the Shuttle is high, but it offers a great product for the price. The benefit from a hardware RAID cannot be understated, but it will cost you. The transfer speeds were good enough to work off of regardless of the type of footage you are working with. If you need large storage with redundancy, want it portable, and need dependency, you should strongly consider the Shuttle....[continue reading]

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