G-Tech G-SPEED Shuttle XL ev Thunderbolt 3 Storage Review

We're big fans of the G-Tech Shuttle XL Thunderbolt 3 8-bay transportable, ruggedized RAID storage device - it made our Top Products of 2017 after all - and it's great to see this article from PostPerspective.com share some of the speed testing results they did on the machine. If you've got Thunderbolt 3 ports on your workstation or if you're planning to upgrade soon to a computer with Tbolt 3, then take this RAID storage device seriously. In short, it doesn't disappoint! From PostPerspective.com

...While these results are pretty self explanatory, when configured in RAID-5 they are pretty impressive. If you ran the tests continuously for a day you would probably see some variation on the average, maybe a little higher than what you see here. The speeds are pretty impressive, especially when considering a drive can give out and you can still be running at a pretty high bandwidth. Technically, G-Technology states that the Shuttle XL can reach a maximum transfer rate up to 1500MB/s — which I was close to hitting. This is very surprising since typically these specs are a little like miles-per-gallon on new cars but not in this case. I really appreciate that accuracy and think it will go a long way with consumers....[continue reading]

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