G-Tech G-Team member Devinsupertramp: Shooting Extreme Adventure Content

Check out this article from G-Technology about how Devin Graham produces his Youtube using G-tehcnology products. Since he shooting so much footage a week he needs storage products that are super reliable so for him the obvious choice was G-technology. To find out more keep reading.

From G-Technology

Devin Graham, aka devinsupertramp, made that journey. We wanted to profile him not just because he’s a rabid G-Technology user, but mostly because he’s awesome. That sounds silly and hyperbolic, we know. It’s not. Look at his extreme sports work. Rarely have we seen such a consistently impressive mix of beauty, athleticism, insanity, and all-out fun from an artist. Follow his work and you’ll see phrases like “probably not our safest idea” pop up repeatedly. If you have any fond memory of childhood, and any aesthetic appreciation as a creative adult, you’ll find devinsupertramp irresistible.

What’s behind devinsupertramp’s rise to globe-trotting adventure? We had to ask.

G-Technology: Why extreme adventure content?

Devin: I grew up in the outdoors — always hiking, camping with my dad, snowboarding. But I’ve always been intrigued by pushing the human limits. One thing I love about the extreme thing is that everyone we work with is the best at what they do. Like, we had the world’s best scooter riders. I love working with people that devote their entire lives to this one skillset and just seeing that passion come through. To me, it’s super inspiring to show off their talents to the world...read more

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