G-Tech & Glyph Drives are The Best External Hard Drives for Video Editors

Jourdan Aldredge award winning video journalist and writer for Shutter Stock wrote this opinion piece for their blog on the best external drives for editors.

The Best External Hard Drives for Video Editors

The professional video editor or filmmaker depends on a reputation for organization and reliability. Nothing can ruin a client relationship or career quicker than lost footage, files or assets — especially without backups. As such, it’s essential to invest time and money in a good data backup system. Here are some of the most reliable external hard drives to consider.

G-Technology G-RAID 4TB — G-Technology G-RAID 4TB

G-Tech Hard Drives The G-Technology G-RAID is an industry standard. In the 4TB Dual External Hard Drive, you get 200+ MB/second data transfer rates and 3 Gbit eSATA, FireWire 800 (FireWire 400 via cable) and USB 3.0 ports. The G-RAID also gets bonus points for its brick-like build and thermo-regulated, quiet, internal smart fan.
  • Storage: 4 TB
  • Speed: 200 MB/s
  • Connection: USB 3.0
  • Price: $179.95

Seagate Backup Plus Fast 4TB

Seagate Hard Drives This plug-and-play external hard drive is a portable solution for video editors on the go. Powered by its USB 3.0 port, the Seagate Backup Plus Fast doesn’t require a dedicated power adapter. This little device packs a surprising punch with 220 MB/s data transfer speeds.
  • Storage: 4 TB
  • Speed: 220 MB/s
  • Connection: USB 3.0

LaCie 4TB (2 x 2TB) Rugged RAID

LaCie Hard Drives If you work in video editing, chances are you’ve encountered a LaCie Rugged RAID at some point. The LaCie really is as rugged as they come, with its rough-and-tumble shell that houses dual 2TB hard drives that operate at 5,400 rpm. Considering the LaCie’s Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 capabilities (and its extra protection), you’d be hard pressed to find a safer run-and-gun option.
  • Storage: 4 TB
  • Speed: 240 MB/s
  • Connection: Thunderbolt/USB 3.0

Glyph Technologies StudioRAID 8TB

Glyph Hard Drives The External StudioRAID array from Glyph Technologies offers two bays of 4TB hard drive power that revs up to 7,200 rpm. It also offers an impressive 360 MB/s. A temperature-controlled intelligent fan complements its auto-sensing power supply for a combination of speed and reliability. This machine is great for video professionals looking to pull or back-up huge amounts of data.
  • Storage: 8 TB
  • Speed: 360 MB/s
  • Connection: USB 3.0/FireWire 800
  • Price: $479.95
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