G-Tech new Rugged lineup featuring the G-Drive ev ATC

150430_7158_dancarrThe new rugged line of G-Tech G-Drives are a hit. We've not only sold a ton of them, many of our customers are also investing in the G-Dock to fully optimize their workflow. When it comes to rugged, water proof storage without any sacrifice for performance, nothing comes close the the G-Drive ev ATC. Look out LaCie - Blue is the new Orange!
ProVideo Coalition by Dan Carr

Earlier this year, G-Tech unveiled a new lineup of ruggedized hard drives that are designed to offer various levels of protection to your drives in the field. The new drives are part of G-Tech’s Evolution Series, which means that they are able to be inserted into the already-available G-Dock ev to create a simplified workflow when returning to your office after a shoot.

The G-Drive ev ATC, is available with either a Thunderbolt connection or a USB3 connection. The ATC is a 2-part product, with the same plastic-cased ev RaW drive being inserted into a tough outer shell that has a built-in cable. Since the ev RaW drive has a USB3 connection on it already, even if you purchase the Thunderbolt version of the ATC, you still have a backup USB3 connection option if you just take the drive out of the hard ATC casing. I’m a big fan of drives that have built-in cables because since it gives you one less thing to worry about when it comes time to pack for a shoot. I’ve left cables behind before, but that’s a thing of the past now with companies like LaCie, Western Digital and now G-Tech all offering drives with captive cables. On drives that are designed for in-the-field use, it makes a ton of sense. Some people have commented to me, “what if the cable malfunctions in some way?”. To this, my answer is that I have forgotten more cables than I have ever had cables break on me. In the case of this ATC drive, you always have the backup option to use the USB3 port on the actual ev RaW drive inside the case, so it’s not something I’m ever going to worry about. read more...

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