G-Tech Presents New Pro SSD Series RAIDs

Pro SSDHere is an article highlighting the new Pro SSD line of drives G-Technology announced at NAB 2018. The new line includes the G-Speed shuttle SSD, a high performance solid-state storage device perfect for easy travel between on-site productions locations and the studio. Including up to 16TB of SSD storage and Thunderbolt 3 technology this product will speed up the whole post-production process. The next product announced is the G-Drive Pro SSD, with a maximum speed of 2800MB/s and the ability to add up to five addition devices through a single connection. The last product announced is the G-Dive Mobile Pro SSD with speeds up to 2800MB/s this product allows you to plug into a compatible computer and expand your storage without the need for external power.

From cinema5d.com

G-Technology booth here at NAB 2018 tells us their new Pro SSD line consists of three different products. First of them is the redundant and serviceable, high capacity, transportable RAID SSD solution called G-SPEED Shuttle SSD. Second drive is the high endurance desktop SSD in a minimalistic aluminium case called G-DRIVE Pro SSD. Last product is a rugged shock-resistant portable drive called G-DRIVE Mobile Pro SSD. Let’s take a short look at each of them... read more

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