G-Tech Storage Simplifies Time-Lapse Workflow

Time-Lapse photography and video is one of the oldest forms of the medium we have. In fact, time-lapse photography itself gave birth to moving pictures and gave birth to what would become filmmaking. Today time-lapse photography and video can be seen everywhere in commercials and segues in movies and television shows. It's such a relatable form of expression and the possibilities are virtually endless. Patrick Cheung is a time-lapse photographer who enlists the equipment from G-technology to help him create his vision. Since time-lapse recording requires a large amount of data, Cheung needs the best hard drives for the project he's working on. In this video you'll see Cheung using the G-DRIVE ev ATC, G-DRIVE Mobile USB, and a G-SPEED Studio XL with Thunderbolt.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

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