G-Tech Workflow: Speed vs. Capacity, Choosing the Right Portable Drive

Speed and capacity are some of the most important elements to an efficient workflow. G-Technology offers a wide array of products and storage solutions that operate to this effect.

G-Techs mobile solutions take several factors of an effective hard drive into consideration- the first being environment. Where a mobile drive is being used plays in heavily with which one a user should pick. Whether a photographer or videographer is dealing with heavy rain, snow or even large amounts of sand- G-Tech has a drive perfect for each condition.

One selection appropriate for these conditions is G-Tech's SSD line. While other mobile drives contain interior moving parts, which may fail in demanding environments, SSD drives don't have this shortcoming.

G-Drive Mobile SSD & Mobile Pro SSD

G-Techs fastest and most reliable solution available is the G-Drive Mobile SSD- or better yet, the G-Drive mobile Pro SSD.

The mobile SSD features transfer speeds up to 560MB/s as well as a backwards compatible USB-C port, making it perfect for a variety of generations of laptops. These drives are available with capacities up to 2TB, and are small and compact.

The G-Drive Mobile Pro SSD is even faster, with a transfer rate of up to 2800MB/S. It features drop and crush protection, and offers users pure efficiency and speed.

G-Drive ev RaW & RaW SSD

For those looking for a reliable and flexible solution, the G-Tech Evolution series is the place to go. The Evolution Series is a flexible, reliable and cross-functional set of integrated solutions, perfect for each segment of a workflow.

G-Tech's G-Drive ev RaW and G-Drive ev RaW SSD are super light weight, protected by a rubber bumber and endures drops from up to 1.5 meters. The ev RaW drive offers sizes up to 2TB.


Announced at NAB 2019, the ArmorATD is as tough and rugged as drives get. This is an all terrain portable mobile drive, which withstands pressure up to 1000IB. In addition, it is also shock, rain, dust and crash resistant.

The ArmorATD offers support for Thunderbolt 3 via USB-C connectivity and features a USB-C to USB-A adapter for USB 3.0. This drive also offers transfer rates up to 140MB/s and storage space up to 4TB.

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