G-Technology ArmorLock Encrypted NVMe SSD Review

The G-Technology ArmorLock is a great encrypted NVMe SSD drive that takes your security seriously, and keeps your data safe.  Check out this video review of all the advantages of the ArmorLock. 

"The G-Technology ArmorLock Encrypted NVMe SSD is the first product of Western Digital’s new ArmorLock Security platform. WD is looking for a balance of high-performance, security, and ease of use. The drive leverages USB 3.2 Gen 2 for the quoted performance of 1GB/s in both read and write. Management is done through a simple and intuitive mobile app. Users can set up and start using the device in a matter of minutes.
The G-Technology ArmorLock Encrypted NVMe SSD provides far more security than the normal portable drive, with easy to use apps for drive and user access management. It should be noted that G-Technology has faster portable drives should speed be the primary concern. Security and ease of use are the crux of this particular matter, however. At $600 the drive is expensive, but it’s clearly the class leader in providing high-security portable storage that offers simple, yet powerful, management tools."


Learn more about G-Technology HERE.

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

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