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On this weeks Videoguys Live Webinar, Gary is joined by Matt Bennion, Director of Product Management at G-Technology.  They discuss the ArmorLock Encrypted SSD Storage Solution from G-Technology.  

We discuss how ArmorLock can protect your data, as well as keep it better organized with remote management, and remote wipe.  This drive means a bright future for encrypted and secure storage. 

Check out the Full Webinar, Below. 

ArmorLock Features:

  • SuperSpeed USB 10GbpsUSBcconnection
  • Simple unlock with your phone– no passwordneeded
  • Multi-user and multi-drive management
  • 256-bit AES-XTS hardware encryption
  • Pro-grade speeds with up to 1000MB/s read,1000MB/s write
  • Heat-dispersing aluminum core for sustainedperformance
  • Ultra-rugged with IP67 dust/water resistance, up to3M drop*** and 1000lb crush resistance
  • Professional-level, 5-year limited warranty

Best of all, the price is right, as the ArmorLock NVme SSD 2TB comes in at $599.99.

Who Needs ArmorLock?

ArmorLock is perfect for professionals who want to keep their data safe, perhaps while traveling, or managing a team with information going down the ranks in tiers- on a need to know basis.  

One group that will benefit from ArmorLock is Tier 1& 2 studios managing $50MM productions, as well as large independent studios with major contracts.  Keeping product safe is important for creators, and investors.  

Independent professionals in the cinematography and photography space will also greatly benefit by protecting their data in a competitive field. 

This drive also fits in great in a medial or even intelligence setting, keeping confidential information not only encrypted, but masked.  Anybody looking at the drive without access will simply see an empty drive, not password protected data. 

ARMORLOCK in a Workflow:

Check out this workflow example from G-Technology illustrating the benefit of ArmorLock in a production setting. 

Learn more about ArmorLock HERE.

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