G-Technology #BlackFriday Storage Specials

G-Technology?s roots are deeply ingrained in delivering premium storage solutions for audio/video production, photography and the professional content creation market. From storing, transferring, editing and distributing content, G-Technology makes the workflow simpler, better and faster. G-Technology?s high-performance portable and desktop drives, flexible transfer/edit solutions and fast RAID systems are all built for professional content creation environments where performance and reliability are paramount. Because G-Technology holds itself to the highest standards, its products can be found in premiere post-production facilities worldwide.

G-Technology enables you to store, protect, and easily access your content. From streaming music to sharing movies to intensive video editing ? we?ve got you covered!

G-Technology Black Friday Storage Specials

Double the Drives! G-Technology Bonus Special
Extended to January 2, 2015

G-Technology G-Dock ev Thunderbolt Dock
w 4TB (4 x 1TB G-Drive ev)

Designed with the flexibility to accommodate unique workflows, the Evolution Series is a robust, expandable dual-bay storage solution. The G-DOCK ev with Thunderbolt is the hub of the system, which ships with two removable G-DRIVE? ev hard drives.

The G-DOCK ev with Thunderbolt storage system comes fully loaded with 2 stand-alone USB 3.0 G-DRIVE ev portable drives. And for a limited time you can get 2 additional G-DRIVE ev drives FREE. That?s right. Double your G-DRIVE ev investment at NO EXTRA COST - at your time of your purchase. (That?s a retail value of $949.85 for just $649.95!)

With the G-DOCK ev with Thunderbolt fully swappable, dual-bay storage system PLUS 4 of the ultra-fast high-performance, ruggedized G-DRIVE ev drives you can capture, edit, transfer, and store. More. (For less.) Because right now, with G-Technology and G-DOCK ev, 1+2=4!

Offer Expires 1/2/15

8TB Door-Buster!
Black Friday Special
exp 12/1/14

G-Technology G-RAID with NewBlue Video Toolkit

Dual drive, professional RAID 0 storage solution with high-speed USB 3.0 and FireWire interfaces. Designed for professional content creation applications, G-RAID supports simultaneous playback of multiple layers of HDV/DVCPRO HD ProRes 422 HQ with the leading video editing applications, including Apple Final Cut Pro?, AVID Media Composer? and Adobe Premiere?.

NewBlueFX?s Video Toolkit contains a powerful collection of effects transitions and color correction tools carefully selected to complement the workflow of event videographers, action sports productions, as well as independent and documentary film makers. Balance color efficiently while you enhance and stylize your video. Give your projects a distinctive edge with the over 40 plugins and 500 presets of NewBlue Video Toolkit.

Offer Expires 12/1/14

You can use our BlackFriday Coupon BF2014 on all G-Tech purchases!

Unbelievable quality, unbelievable price!


G-DRIVE? USB delivers high performance storage in a compact, yet stylish package. Encased in an all-aluminium enclosure and featuring a remarkably fast USB 3.0 interface, that meets the needs of the creative professional, this 7200RPM drive is perfect for storage-intensive multimedia files. G-DRIVE USB is Mac OS?-compatible, TimeMachine?-ready and available in several capacities, up to 6TB.

The new series of USB3 only G-Drives from G-Tech are perfect for professional photography, home video editing and for video archiving!

Great Value for Super Fast Drives! Available in 3 sizes!



Tech Note: USB3 drives are backwards compatible with USB2 ports. They just transfer data at USB2 speeds
G-Technology G-RAID 4TB USB 3 & FireWire

G-RAID with USB 3 & FireWire

Dual drive, professional RAID 0 storage solution with high-speed USB 3.0 and FireWire interfaces. Designed for professional content creation applications, G-RAID supports simultaneous playback of multiple layers of HDV/DVCPRO HD ProRes 422 HQ with the leading video editing applications, including Apple Final Cut Pro?, AVID Media Composer? and Adobe Premiere?. An all aluminum enclosure, soft power switch and quiet "smart" fan round out G-RAID?s professional feature set

Starting at $349.95


G-RAID with Thunderbolt

G-RAID with Thunderbolt, designed specifically for professional content creation applications, features the most powerful, flexible I/O technology ever. At double the data transfer rates of USB 3.0 and over 12 times faster than Firewire 800, no other PC I/O interface can match the raw speed of Thunderbolt now available in G-Technology's leading RAID solution.

Starting at $549.95


G-RAID Studio

The G-RAID Studio is a high-performance storage system with hardware RAID, enabling digital content-creation workflow. User-selectable in RAID 0, RAID 1 or JBOD, the G-RAID Studio features Thunderbolt 2 technology and has transfer rates up to 360MB/sec for editing high-resolution photos or multiple streams of compressed 2K and 4K projects. The G-RAID Studio ships with two removable enterprise-class 7,200 RPM hard drives for total capacities up to 12TB, complete in a sleek black enclosure.

Starting at $699.95

G-RAID 7 with Removeable Drives for USB 3, eSATA & FireWire

A high-performance removable dual-drive storage system. Configurable in RAID 0, RAID 1, or JBOD, G-RAID features USB 3.0, eSATA, and FireWire for ultimate flexibility. G-RAID ships with two removable 7200RPM hard drives up to 12TB, complete in an all-aluminum enclosure.

With transfer rates up to 300MB/s, G-RAID easily supports playback of multiple HD video streams. It is the ideal storage solution for video & photo editing with the leading editing applications, or simply for safe-guarding content.

Starting at $449.95


G-Technology G-SPEED Studio RAID Thunderbolt
2 Sotrage Solution

The G-SPEED Studio with hardware RAID is a four-bay Thunderbolt 2 storage solution that supports user selectable RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10 for ultimate flexibility and speed. With its built-in RAID controller, the G-SPEED Studio is not tied to a single workstation and can be easily transported and used on a Mac? laptop or desktop in the studio, edit bay or on the road. The G-SPEED Studio boasts sustained transfer rates of up to 660MB/sec in RAID 0 and can be daisy-chained via dual Thunderbolt 2 ports. This G-SPEED Studio solution ships with four removable enterprise-class hard drives, designed to support multi-stream compressed 4K and 2K workflows. In a RAID 5 (data redundant) configuration, the G-SPEED Studio RAID can easily handle up to 30 hours of 4K footage in ProRes 4444 and can seamlessly edit three streams of compressed 4K.

Starting at $2,199.95


G-SPEED? Studio XL ? A hardware RAID 8-Bay Thunderbolt? 2 solution offers professional content creators colossal capacity and high definition performance. This Enterprise-class Storage Solution with Thunderbolt 2 technology for ultimate speed is configurable in RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, & 60. Designed to support multi-stream compressed 4K workflows with extremely large volumes of data at transfer rates of up to 1350MB/sec and has the ability to daisy-chain via dual Thunderbolt 2 ports. The G-SPEED Studio XL features a sleek black enclosure, smart fan technology, Enterprise Class hard drives and a 3-Year warranty - providing the ultimate storage solution for demanding Video and Photography based workflows.

Starting at $3,599.95

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