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Click through to watch the videos associated with this article. They are a fantastic glimpse at the use of G-Tech's storage devices in the Evolution Series on a video / photo shoot in the British Lake District. You'll see how ingenious these devices all work together! From G-Technology

David Newton is a pro photographer and filmmaker based in the UK. He recently tested the Canon C200 camera with an array of G-Technology products designed for location shoots. Here, David describes his latest production and how he used G-Technology ev Series products to keep his data moving and safe.

There are many parts to a film shoot. Whether you work as a solo or small crew shooter, or you’re part of a bigger team, there are lots of moving parts and things are constantly in flux. Getting as much tied down and organized before the shoot pays dividends in the long run. One of these is your data storage solution. It’s not sexy, but it is crucial. You need to have something in place at every stage from capture to output otherwise you’ll be on a path to failure.

On a recent shoot to produce a short documentary film about a trail runner in the English Lake District, I put data storage front and center of my planning. The goal of the shoot was to test the Canon EOS C200 and also make sure that my workflow processes were as robust as possible in preparation for future shoots in the pipeline...read more

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