G-Technology Evolution Series Workflow - It's as easy as 1-2-3

Today's HD and 4K file based workflows require reliable, rugged and high performance video storage wherever you are :
  • In the field and on location
  • Traveling, on the road or in the air
  • In the studio or in the edit bay
G-Technology has put together a complete workflow for you utilizing HGST 7200RPM Enterprise class drives the most reliable in the world.

Step 1 - Copy Your Footage

Copy your footage from your cameras native media to higher capacity G-Technology G-DRIVE ev RAW or ATC drives while you are still in the field and on the go. You can attach the drives directly to your laptop via USB3 or utilize a G-Technology G-DOCK Thunderbolt G-DOCK solo or dual bay. If you shoot on RED, you can use the new ev Series Reader RED MINI-MAG Edition in a G-DOCK to quickly copy your files. You can also use the G-DOCK to make additional copies for on or offsite backups.

Step 2 - Ingest Your Footage

Ingest your footage from G-DRIVE ev onto high speed G-SPEED Studio XL ev and G-SPEED Shuttle XL ev 8-bay RAID drives. These attach to your computer via Thunderbolt and come configured with 6 drives and two ev drive bays. The 6 drives can be set up in RAID5 for maximum protection and performance. You can ingest from two ev drives at the same time, or ingest from one ev drive and simultaneously copy to a second one and the RAID 5 at the same time!

Step 3 - Edit Your Footage

Edit your footage from your Thunderbolt 2 equipped PC or Mac, Desktop or Laptop running your favorite NLE software! Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Apple FCPX, Grass Valley Edius, Sony Vegas and DiVinci Resolve are all supported. The Thunderbolt 2 super fast connectivity of G-SPEED Studio XL and G-SPEED Shuttle XL using 6 7200RPM Enterprise class drives set up in a RAID5 configuration lets you edit HD, 2K and even 4K footage!

Whatever your workflows are, G-Technology and Videoguys have a solution.

G-SPEED Studio XL 32TB: $3,899.95 48TB: $4,799.95 64TB: $6,799.95
G-SPEED Studio XL ev Series 18TB: $2,699.95 24TB: $2,899.95 36TB: $3,899.95 48TB: $4,79.95 60TB: $6,399.95
G-SPEED Shuttle XL 24TB: $3,399.95 32TB: $4,399.95 48TB: $5,899.95 64TB: $7,799.95
G-SPEED Shuttle XL ev Series 18TB: $3,199.95 24TB: $3,399.95 36TB: $4,799.95 48TB: $5,799.95

ev RaW


Designed to go with you everywhere. Fitting easily into your backpack, briefcase or purse, it’s lightweight and when coupled with the bumper, can withstand a 1.5m1 drop.

500 GB: $89.95 1TB: $109.95




All-terrain drive solution with tethered Thunderbolt cable shields a high quality, lightweight, removable G-DRIVE ev RaW USB hard drive. Featuring a watertight drive compartment, your data is further protected from pressure, shock and dust.

USB 1TB: $129.95 Tbolt1TB: $199.95


ev RaW SSD


With extreme solid-state performance connected with USB 3.0, you'll get transfer rates up to 400MB/s. Use it alone or with the G-DOCK ev with Thunderbolt and experience up to 480MB/s.

500 GB: $449.95 1TB: $899.95


Red Mini-Mag Reader

Red Mini-Mag Reader

Designed to optimize and simplify your RED camera workflow, this ev Series Reader leverages high-performance connectivity for fast transfers and back-up.



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