G-Technology G-DOCK ev with Thunderbolt Review

StorageReview.com by Alexandra Haskell

The G-Dock ev with Thunderbolt is designed for heavy media users needing high performance transfer speeds and the ability to work on digital content efficiently. The G-Dock is a one of a kind dual-bay storage system and ships with two G-Drive ev hard drives that are dual purpose. Plug the cartridge-esque hard drives into the G-Dock to experience the high performance Thunderbolt interface. Take the drives out and connect via USB 3.0 for fast portable drive access. While the G-Dock ev is built around on-the-go Mac users who need portable storage at the desk and on the go, the ev also offers flexibility for unique workflows like production workflows that require the frequent sharing of large file sets.

Each G-Drive ev USB 3.0 hard drive that comes with the G-Dock is 1TB and has transfer speeds up to 136MB/s. Street pricing is $655 at the time of this review, which includes two 1TB portable hard drives and a 3 year limited warranty. Additional 1TB HDD units carry a street price of $180.

Design and Build

The G-Dock ev with Thunderbolt is built to integrate well with Mac users with its aluminum body and polished design. The drive caddies have high quality feel to them, and perforated sides allow for ventilation and give it a stylish, rugged look. Light up notifications display when each drive is slid into the G-Dock with a gratifying click. The docking station itself is also very durable, with active cooling via a fan on the rear of the unit.

The backside of the G-Dock has 2 Thunderbolt connections, the G-Tech logo, lock port and power button. The hard drives themselves also look pretty sleek with their aluminum enclosures that are rigid and secure. The only down side is the drives ship with plastic covers for the SATA ports, which will certainly get lost. The ports are recessed though so it's probably not a huge deal. Each drive also has a USB 3.0 port for direct conenction outside of the ev enclosure. read more...

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G-Technology G-DOCK ev 2TB with Thunderbolt $749.95 G-technology G-Drive eV with USB 3.0 for G-DOCK ev or as standalone unit, 1TB $199.95

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