G-Technology G-RAID Thunderbolt 2 Device Review

g-raid-graidthSolid capacity options and ample performance make G-Technology G-RAID Thunderbolt 2 it a solid contender for media professionals.

We test the capacity-friendly G-Technology G-RAID Thunderbolt 2 storage device. It may not be for everyone, but it has its place.

From TweakTown.com At the tail end of Thunderbolt 2 products, G-Technology has released a swan song of sorts. While I'm sure there will still be products that take advantage of the interface soon, Thunderbolt 3 will take the main stage. With that said, G-Technology has launched the G-RAID 20TB Thunderbolt 2 storage device. The G-RAID lineup covers an array of connectivity options and capacities, and those include USB 3.0 model along with solutions that house both Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.0. Capacities range from 8TB to 20TB with all models featuring enterprise-class 7200RPM hard drives. Performance of the Thunderbolt 2 enabled solution is said to top out around 480 MB/s, that of course is in RAID 0 and all G-RAID solutions have the option of RAID 1 should you need it. Compatibility sees these solutions come from the factory ready for OS X, but can be easily formatted for use with Windows platforms. Read more: http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/7964/technology-raid-20tb-thunderbolt-2-device-review/index.html

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