G-Technology G-RAID with Removable Drives Review

Storage Review by Tucker Mindrum

G-Technology's G-RAID Removable Drive Storage System is a 2-bay attached storage device intended for media professionals that want a large capacity (at a lower cost) for low-demanding use cases. The G-RAID would be appropriate for high-definition streaming, photo editing, or just straight-forward storage. G-Technology loads the G-RAID with two of its standard 7200RPM HGST SATA III HDDs with total capacity options of 12TB, 8TB, or 6TB. This storage solution, which is compatible with both Mac and Windows workstations, offers varied interfaces (USB 3.0, FireWire, and eSATA) to appeal to a broad range of users as well as provide compatibility with older devices. It reportedly achieves transfer speeds of up to 330MB/s (12TB, RAID0), and can be configured in RAID0, RAID1, and JBOD. Like many of G-Technology's offerings, the G-RAID has a built-in RAID controller, allowing it to be easily shared rather than confined to a single workstation.

The G-Technology family appeals to a wide range of users with their suite of attached storage products; prospective buyers can find the perfect device by weighing the importance of four factors: performance, capacity, connectivity, and price. The G-RAID line provides lower performance, good capacity, and unique connectivity for a relatively low price. The G-RAID Studio would provide enhanced performance with the same capacity options through Thunderbolt 2 connectivity. The recently reviewed G-SPEED Studio is another step up with even better performance and larger capacity options with Thunderbolt 2 connectivity. It all depends on the desired specifications and price, and the G-RAID is best-equipped to serve entry-level media professionals that need compatibility with lots of interface types.

Design and Build

The G-RAID chassis pairs perfectly with a Mac-oriented workstation, although it would look fine with a Windows setup as well. It has a simple aluminum enclosure with a rectangular shape overall and branding along almost every surface. The face is a vented door that is hinged along the bottom, allowing it to open downwards exposing the two bays. Depression of the branded ejection button causes the vented bay face to swivel outward, retracting the drive. read more...

High Preformance USB 3.0, eSATA, FireWire RAID
with Removeable Drive




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